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Yesterday was my family's first time visiting and I'm so glad we did. The staff was friendly and the crawfish were delicious. Expertly seasoned but what surprised me was how aesthetically pleasing the presentation was in the box. I love people who pay attention to details because it really does make a difference. I appreciated so much the extra spicy seasoning and the crawfish sauce. The sauce really brings the flavor profile to the next level. Well done, thanks so much!

Kat Greer

Seasoning was exceptional I don't like spicy but there's are great

Michelle Wyatt

SO GOOD! I have now gotten them for the last two years, they are very good.

shyanne smith

Hands down the absolute best seafood, prices, quality, and customer service in the tristate area, the spice's and flavors will have you slapping someone's momma, the home made dipping sauce will blow your mind!!! They have several extended flavor options as well like spicy garlic, lemmon pepper, and super heat!!! ?️ You will not be disappointed ?

Rachel Frizzelle

Love this place. Excellent food and prices. Can't go wrong!!

Mad At Bass

Absolutely the best boiled crawfish and shrimp in the area! Crawfish for large and spiced just right. Both crawfish and shrimp were BIG and were the easiest to peel! Tell them we sent you!!

Andy Harris

Best Crawfish in North Bossier
Drive-thru convenience 10
Presentation 10
Quality of crawfish 10
Cooyon's Sauce 10
Seasoning 10
Sausage 10
Corn 10
Potatoes 9 ( coulda cooked a bit longer)
Clean & convenient 10
10-lbs of crawfish (only 3 bad) 10

David Trehan

Crawfish was so good omg they for sure got me as a customer and plus they were friendly and fast

Felicia Hall

Crawfish is great and boxes are easy to eat from.... whole experience just easy!


Great tasting crawfish, good sizes. Quick and convenient

Brian Nash

This place is legit! Definitely south Louisiana boiled crawfish! Unbelievably good!

Tha Davillz

The spice is slapping for those who like it spicy. Better be 1st in line to avoid the line!

t thompson