Serving Fresh-Caught Crawfish by the Pound

We source our crawfish from farmers in Bossier City, LA and surrounding areas

Crawfish tends to lose its flavor in the freezer, so fresh-caught crawfish is the way to go. At Cooyon's Cajun Crawfish, LLC in Bossier City, LA, you can order raw or cooked crawfish by the pound. Our drive-thru restaurant should be your first stop for fresh, local ingredients.

Order three pounds of crawfish if you're planning a small get-together, or five pounds if you need to feed a crowd. Either way, stop by our kitchen to pick up crawfish by the pound.

Don't forget the fixin's

A crawfish boil isn't complete without Southern comfort foods. Luckily, you can order potatoes and corn by the pound at Cooyon's Cajun Crawfish. You may want to...

Come early

because the drive-thru line may be longer than you expect

Bring a warming tray

because it's tough to heat up corn and potatoes by the pound

Order our special sauce

because someone is bound to forget the seasonings